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Lamborghini Aventador Rental with Miami's Finest

Aventador Specifications

  • Manufacturer – Lamborghini
  • Range – 344 miles
  • MPG – City/11 mpg       Highway/18 mpg
  • Number Of Seats – 2
  • Acceleration – 0-60 2.9s
  • Cylinders – V12
  • Top Speed – 220 mph
  • Horse Power – 691 hp 
  • Drivetrain – AWD


$ 1,999 /Day
  • ? / 12 hour
  • ? / 12 hour
  • ? / 12 hour

Rent a Lamborghini Aventador

$ 1,999 /Day

    The legacy of the Lamborghini Aventador

    Carrying the title of The Best Lamborghini Car of the 21st century, Lamborghini Aventador is in a true sense, one of the best supercars in the automobile industry. The Lamborghini Aventador provides the looks and sound of something extraordinary. Having a crisp exterior with a powerful appearance, Lamborghini Aventador delivers you the most powerful experience that you always expect from a supercar. Lamborghini is the brand that has unleashed the most powerful cars in the 21st century and the Lamborghini Aventador is no less.

    The Most Powerful

    The main reason a driver would rent a Lamborghini Aventador is the sheer feel of power that you get. This model from Lamborghini displays authentic horsepower as the Aventador is a total beast in the power department and contains unbelievable numbers. The Aventador edges the cars in the powerful line-up of Lamborghinis offering 759.01hp of power and 720 Nm of torque through its powerful V12 engine.

    A class apart looks of Lamborghini Aventador that we offer for rental
    The crisp look of the Wide Body Kit makes its design even more trending, and what’s better than taking a machine in trend, out on the roads of Miami that gets you an immeasurable road presence? Being in the most demand, all over the world by the supercar owners, the looks of this powerful and luxurious car makes you rent it even more in Miami.
    The J makes the line-up more mighty
    The Lamborghini Aventador J is another luxurious supercar that makes this line-up of Aventadors even more powerful and diverse. When you get your hands on this beast, it makes sure to give justice to every penny you invested in renting this supercar. Renting a Lamborghini Aventador J comes with a strong motive of getting pure luxury, as this model elevates your status to a high degree.
    As convenient as it can get

    In the automobile market, supercars are less comfortable when it comes to driving. The Lamborghini Aventador covers this problem of driveability through its easy-to-handle steering and carbon fibre seats that provide an exotic bed-like comfort. The Lamborghini Aventador is best suited for long drives, so if you plan on taking the whole tour of Miami, Aventador is what you must choose.

    Rent a Car Lamborghini Aventador in Miami

    The cars of Lamborghini have always looked great on the effortless roads of Miami as they are perfectly suited for this Luxurious car. Taking this car on the causeways of Miami will give you a luxurious experience of driving a true supercar, so rent a car Lamborghini Aventador today.

    Why Choose Us For Lamborghini Rental Services?

    Like Lamborghini’s class-apart supercars consistently deliver the best performance, we provide you with all the necessities and a laid-back experience to provide you with the finest of services when it comes to car rental in Miami.

    Call us now and get a wholesome experience of getting a drive of Aventador today.

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