rEnt a Bentayga

Rent a Bentley Bentayga - Miami's Finest

Bentayga Specifications

  • Manufacturer – Bentley 
  • Range – 416 miles
  • MPG – City/14 mpg       Highway/23 mpg
  • Number Of Seats – 5
  • Acceleration – 0-60 3.8s
  • Cylinders – V8
  • Top Speed – 190 Mph
  • Horse Powers- 542 Hp 
  • Drivetrain – AWD


$ 999 /Day

Rent a Bentley Bentayga

$ 999 /Day

    Bentley, a reliable luxury car maker
    Under the umbrella of all the British automobile manufacturers comes the big dog, Bentley. With the brand image of strong luxury class car makers, Bentley has constructed a reputation and respect in people’s minds that is inevitable. With the fit and finish precise like nothing else, Bentley has never let people down. Bentley is one of the safest and most trustworthy brands when it comes to over-the-top SUVs and premium-class sedans that it manufactures.
    The Classy Bentley Bentayga
    Bentley Bentayga is surely one of a kind when it comes to luxurious automobiles by providing extraordinary brand value and a high-class sitting experience. The Bentayga is class apart from the competition with its stunning look and feels involving the beautiful diamond-cut alloy wheels, the best-in-class V8 engine, rearing that roars premium-ness and speaks quality from the moment you hold it, a body strong as a tank and interiors that will make you go crazy. You must rent Bentley Bentayga Miami at Mf Luxury and experience the class that this piece of art holds.
    An Engine That Roars Performance in Bentley Bentayga that we offer for rental
    Irving the Bentley Bentayga’s over-the-top V8 engine to its fullest is a fun part, when it sounds like a lion that roars in a jungle, letting every animal know that he’s the king. Similarly, with a 6L V8 engine capable of producing 542hp of power, that attains a 0 to 60m speed in just 3.8 seconds, the Bentley Bentayga’s engine is a total beast when it gets revved. A classy combination of power and comfort is what the luxurious car offers, with an AWD terrain that makes you go crazy on dopamine and lets you get an experience of a lifetime. Once you rent a Bentley Bentayga and drive it, there’s no going back and you’ll surely come again.
    Class Leading Features That Make You Go WOW
    Surely performance is an aspect where the Bentayga excels and performs exceptionally well, but where the beast shines the most is the feature-rich interiors and the best-in-class safety that it offers to you. The moment you step inside the car, you’ll notice the fine stitching done on the leather seats as well as on the roof, which is covered by premiums. Holding the smooth steering that is fully adjustable according to your comfort will provide you with a rush that you never would have felt before. Headrest adjustment, foot massage, back massage, seat adjuster, coffee cup coffee and many more features are present that can be accessed with just a single click. Why wait to rent a Bentley Bentayga Miami? Go get yourself one for a never-before experience.
    Why Choose Us?

    At Mf Luxury, we serve you in the best possible manner when it comes to renting luxury cars. You must rent Bentley Bentayga today not just for the excellent car but also for the excellent service experience that we provide with it.

    Give us a call and rent Bentley Bentayga today, and we would be happy to involve you in our family of happy and satisfied customers.

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