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Lamborgini Urus CutOut 11

Urus Specifications

  • Manufacturer – Lamborghini
  • Range – 326 miles
  • MPG – City/12 mpg       Highway/17 mpg
  • Number Of Seats – 5
  • Acceleration – 0-60 3.1s
  • Cylinders – V8
  • Top Speed – 195 mph
  • Horse Power – 641 hp 
  • Drivetrain – AWD
URUs Engine with Miami's Finest


$ 1,299 /Day


$ 1,299 /Day

    The legacy of Lamborghini URUS
    Lamborghini has done a fine job at unleashing the finest of supercars in the automobile market. Lamborghini URUS is made from a different approach than the classic Coupe Design. The brand has introduced the Lamborghini URUS as one of the fastest SUVs in the world. Lamborghini URUS provides proper ground clearance while making itself a perfect partner for Off-Roading Adventures. Though Lamborghini has consistently delivered the most powerful supercars on the planet, Lamborghini URUS is no less when it comes to the power injection in a spectacular SUV.
    Refined Interior
    Lamborghini is known for the most pleasing craftsmanship that we see in its interior designs. The Lamborghini URUS is known for its sporty interior finish with a low roofline that is much lower than the SUVs of the same range, thus giving the driver a look and feel of a supercar on the causeways of Miami. The Interior of the car uses the right amount of carbon fibre trim which makes the ambience of the SUV more delightful. The back seat provides the proper space needed to take your friends or family out as it can fit two to three people depending on what sitting configuration is selected.
    Top-Notch Performance with Lamborghini URUS that we offer for rental

    The Lamborghini URUS has a horsepower of 641-hp which makes you feel the accelerating engine of the car even more. The Lamborghini URUS produces 627-pound feet of torque making the acceleration powerful and enabling more efficient driving. The Lamborghini URUS goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds, thus making it one of the fastest SUVs in the market with a top speed of 190 mph.

    Off-Roading Capability with Lamborghini URUS Rental

    The Lamborghini URUS has a nice amount of ground clearance making it capable of driving in different terrains. The Lamborghini URUS comes up with features like all-wheel drive and Lamborghini’s ANIMA drive-mode system. With URUS, Lamborghini adds two more driving modes- The Sabbia mode for snowy roads and The Terra mode for mud and gravel. So thinking about getting a Lamborghini to different terrain, rent a Lamborghini URUS as it accomplishes this purpose with flying colours. The Air suspension of URUS complements the vehicle as a complete Off-Road Package with the ability to bypass the disturbances created by the dunes and rocks along the way.

    Rent a Lamborghini URUS in Miami
    Lamborghini, as a luxury car manufacturer brand, has come up with several supercar models, most of them, being loved by the drivers of Miami. The Lamborghini URUS for rent Miami targets a specific audience with the requirements of an exotic SUV that can deliver the power of a supercar with its beast-like specs, thus making it one of the fastest and most powerful cars in the world. Whether it is Off-Roading or going out with your close ones on the causeways of Miami, Rent a Lamborghini URUS that serves all the essentials.
    Why Choose Us For Lamborghini Rental Services?

    Just like our always-available servicemen, ready to solve your problems 24×7, a Lamborghini Urus for rent will always be available in our warehouses for your urgent needs. We are a customer-centric company and trust is what we thrive and work for. We’ve been successful in attaining the trust of our dear customers and we strive and look forward to keep doing it for the time being.

    Call us right now, and rent Lamborghini Urus today itself and get exclusive offers.

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